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Lake Winnebago Timeline

Walleyes Whitebass Crappies Perch Smallies

The Lake Winnebago system is consisted of a series of lakes that is fed by the Fox and Wolf Rivers.  The Wolf River feeds into Lake Poygan and then down through Lake Winneconne and into Lake Butte des Morts where it meets up with the Fox River.  From there it flows through Oshkosh and into Lake Winnebago. 

This system is a walleye factory and is considered one of the best walleye fisheries in the country.  During the Spring months of April and May, the walleyes head up the rivers from the lakes to complete their spawning run into the marshes located as far as 100 miles from their summer locations.  Fishing is concentrated to areas on the Wolf River such as Winneconne, Fremont, New London, Hortonville and Shioctin. 

After the fish have completed their spawning rituals, most walleyes will flush back down the rivers into to the lakes and eventually disperse throughout the system.  Trolling, casting crank baits, pitching jigs and slip bobber fishing are all great techniques for targeting post spawn walleyes.

Shortly after the walleye run, the whitebass, crappie and perch will also provide some hot fishing throughout the entire system.  I always tell guys the best time to come up is from Mother's Day to Father's Day.

As June approaches, the majority of walleyes have traveled back to Lake Winnebago and a trolling bite is usually in full swing.  June is by far the best time for active walleyes and the fish will relate to weeds, shorelines, reefs, open mud flats, bridges in the rivers and rocky points.  It is by far one of the favorited months for fishing on the Winnebago system.

Depending on the temperatures through early summer, July can be as good as June or if the temperatures are above average and the water warms too rapidly, the walleye bite seems to subside.

Winnebago Pool
Open Water FAQ's

What Lakes Do I Fish

Lake Winnebago, Lake Poygan, Lake Butte des Morts, Green Bay, Fox River, Wolf River, Green Lake, Waupaca County Lakes, Waushara County Lakes, Sturgeon Bay, Milwaukee Harbor, Sheboygan Harbor

What Species Do I Target

Walleye, Muskie, Bluegill, Perch, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Whitebass, Brown Trout

What Kind of Techniques Will You Learn

Jigging, Trolling, Pulling Flies, Slip Bobber Fishing, Dragging Jigs, Crawler Harnesses, Vertical Jigging, Casting Crankbaits, Drop Shot, Pitching Jigs
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