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2018 Spring Walleye Outlook

April 3 , 2018 troy 0 Comment
River fishing is in full swing on the Wolf and Fox Rivers.  Low water, no current and clear conditions have made for an interesting start to the season.  The normal fast water conditions do not apply this year. Smaller jigs and low light conditions have been best.  The Big fish have been hit or miss on the Fox but a lot of average 24-27" females are being caught.  A little rain to help draw some big females up would be nice!  Stop by the Donkey Hut for the latest info on the fox and for some fresh bait.

The Wolf River has been nothing short of amazing. The walleyes have been stacked from the mouth of the river on Poygan all the way through Fremont.  Vertical jigging with 1/8 oz. - 1/4oz jigs in dark colors has been best. some days stinger hooks are needed as the bite is very subtle.  Other days it seems as though the fish would eat a hot dog.  Practice ethical harvest during these amazing bites! 

Use caution while navigating the rivers right now. The extremely low water has exposed a lot of trees and brush that would normally be a few feet under water this time of year.

Good Luck and please visit the Facebook page for the latest day to day reports and local information.


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